About Startups Pakistan

Startups Pakistan is a business incubatee providing a platform for entrepreneurs, set up in IBA,CED. We help you in expanding and refining the pool of your ideas to start and grow a business which generates a great impact. We provide tailored solutions that deliver result and achieve sustained growth, enabling companies to grow revenue, improve margins and reposition quickly with the advancing technology, measuring and managing risk associated with your business. We intend to deliver a core strategy and faster operation for your business. We know what are the requirements to initiate a business, we provide you necessary tools to help your business flourish.To transform your raw idea into a processed and flourishing business by providing with necessary tools. We are able to deal with any business.

Startups Pakistan’s Team

  • President : Ms. Sehrish Hina (Prof. @ FAST University)
  • CEO & Founder : Noman Akhter (Software Engineer)
  • CFO : Rizwan Akhter (CA, ACCA )
  • Muhammed Ali Jaffery
  • Anas Amin - Website Developer

Company Introduction:

Startups Pakistan is basically one window solutions for the newly born entrepreneurs.

  1. Business Idea Optimization (Abstract to Reality)
  2. Business Online Visibility (Website, Design KIT, SM Profile)
  3. Business Development (Email, SMS, Social Media, Database)
  4. Business Consultancy (Reg., Tax, Training, A/C

How we work?:

We help you to develop and brainstorm your idea into a business model and help you build and grow it. We help you implement your idea and create your online presence. We also help in building your portfolio and marketing yourself to the world. We also provide Business and IT consultancy so that you do not have to go any other place and all your business setup is in one place.

Business Idea Optimization:

For decades people have used brainstorming to develop and transform their ideas into creative solutions. However, you have to use brainstorming correctly to have the desired or better result. We provide you free and open environment where you can discuss your ideas and freely with our team and bring all our diverse experience into play which helps you in increasing the richness of your idea.
For decades people have used brainstorming to develop and transform their ideas into creative solutions. However, you have to use brainstorming correctly to have the desired or better result. We provide you free and open environment where you can discuss your ideas and freely with our team and bring all our diverse experience into play which helps you in increasing the richness of your idea.

Online Visibility:

When it comes to marketing your product and service, your online presence is one of the most valuable tools your business will possess. So the question you need to ask yourself is: Where to begin? Online presence will have various facets, but we are going to break it down into five main components:
  1. Web solution: We provide you with creative website designs. Our work includes Designing websites to hand off to developers, Creating animated flash websites,
  • Understanding web technologies, Online Shopping Solutions, E-commerce Web Development, Domain name and hosting / Domain registration and Web hosting, Cloud based services (SAAS-Software as a Service), Website Content, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and CMS services/solutions. All that you require for your website to build for we provide you.
  1. Development Solution: We provide you with Software Development and Customization, Creative website designs and development, Web based Application development and mobile based Application development. We develop your project from scratch and also we customize your old projects to give it a new and better look.
  1. Marketing solutions: We provide Social Media Marketing (SMM), Internet Marketing (Email Marketing) and  Branded SMS. We help you market your brand on Facebook, twitter and other social media so that people get awareness about your brand.
  1. Designer Solution: We provide Graphic Designing (business card, logo, brochure, shirt etc.) and HD Sign Board Designing. We design logos for your brand, business card for your business and everything you need to design to market your company we provide you with all those solutions.
  1. Consultancy: We provide IT and Business Consultancy (FBR).We mentor organizations to engage people and uncover insight from data to shape the products, services and experiences they offer.

Furthermore we are willing to provide you our designing services to give you a unique and creative websites for your requirement.

Business Development:

We develop online portfolios for you. Portfolios are living and changing collection of records that reflect your accomplishments, skills, experiences, and attributes. It highlights and showcases samples of some of your best work, along with life experiences, values and achievements. The personal information that you incorporate into your portfolio can greatly reflect on your abilities as an individual as well as become a useful tool in marketing yourself to employers, corporations, colleges and universities. If you’re not sure how to begin or edit your own online career portfolio, Startup Pakistan will help you creating a portfolio.

Business Consultancy:

We provide IT as well as Business Consultancy. We provide our clients with strategy, planning and problem solving. From requirement gathering to IT infrastructure we provide full extent of consultancy services so that your business process is smooth and carried out so that there is no inconvenience or difficulty. Nowadays the technology is evolving at such a speed that it take effort to keep up with it. In this growing IT environment opportune use of technology and strategic business solutions is the key to the success of your business. We provide you with the best consultancy services and mentor you to reach your goal.

Information Management:

We help you to increase your backup success rate with minimum recovery time. Archive and maintain structured and unstructured data. The term backup has become synonymous with data protection over the time. The purpose of backup is to store a copy of your data so that a particular file or data set can be recovered if the data is lost. The point of backing up data is to ensure that the data can be restored after a certain point in time. We endeavor to make your data available at all times. We provide product and services that ensure that your data continues to be available at required level of performance ranging from normal to disastrous.

Accounting Consultancy:

We provide you with accounting solutions. You don’t have to hire accountants. We provide you with an online solution that will help in all your financial management issues. We also provide:
  • Overview of doing business in financial and legal issues.
  • Pre - investment analysis and evaluation of investment projects.
  • Assistance with practical business projects implementation identifying and complying with local regulatory issues.
  • Comprehensive consulting in connection with complete legal registration and servicing of local business entity
  • Identifying businesses with high growth and advice potential investors were to invest.

Next 1 Year Target:

  • Online Varsity
- Free & Paid Online Courses in Urdu/English -Virtual Tutors (Skype Teaching)
  • Online Marketplace
-Sell your products or Services Online -Place Ads
  • Rapid Freelances
-Data Entry - Designing, CMS Installation
  • Open Source Application Hosting

Advisers behind Startups Pakistan:

  • Dr. Atta-ur Rahman (ICCBS)
  • Shahid Qureshi (IBA)
  • Wajid (Progress.org.pk)
  • Sehrish Hina (FAST University)
  • Navaid Naqvi (NCR-CET)
  • Rahat Aziz (AS Associates)

Past & Current Challenges

  • 1 Million Investment in 2015
  • Business & Islamic Ethics
  • Employees Retentions
  • Online Payment Issues (International Clients)
  • Proper documentations (NTN, NDA, TAX)
  • Angel investors for the different projects
Please feel free to keep in touch with us about any of your business related requirements/queries. We would like to offer our service to your company (company name). Our supervisor will contact you for further discussion at a time convenient to you. We look forward to a wonderful relationship together and success for all concerned.

History of the Company:

  • Barclays Bank (Net Apex Solutionz)
  • Prof Zubairi from Bright Success School (Behind FUUAST)
  • HEJ Research Institute (Websites & Cloud Infrastructures)
  • Adreas From Germany (Meta Search Engine )
  • LEJ 4 Learning, Online Learning Platform by HEJ-ICCBS (Prof. Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman)
  • Shahid Qureshi (Entrepreneurship in EMBA)
  • Hatchery Desk at IBA-CED, Room-210, Aman-CED Building