Training & Consultancy:

We provide IT and Business Consultancy (FBR).We mentor organizations to engage people and uncover insight from data to shape the products, services and experiences they offer.

IT Consultancy:

Information Management:

We help you to increase your backup success rate with minimum recovery time. Archive and maintain structured and unstructured data. The term backup has become synonymous with data protection over the time. The purpose of backup is to store a copy of your data so that a particular file or data set can be recovered if the data is lost. The point of backing up data is to ensure that the data can be restored after a certain point in time.

Storage and Availability:

We endeavor to make your data available at all times. We provide product and services that ensure that your data continues to be available at required level of performance ranging from normal to disastrous.

Business Consultancy (FBR):

Accounting Consultancy:

We provide you with accounting solutions. You don’t have to hire accountants. We provide you with an online solution that will help in all your financial management issues.

We also provide:

  • Overview of doing business in financial and legal issues.
  • Pre - investment analysis and evaluation of investment projects.
  • Assistance with practical business projects implementation identifying and complying with local regulatory issues.
  • Comprehensive consulting in connection with complete legal registration and servicing of local business entity
  • Identifying businesses with high growth and advice potential investors were to invest.